Is Human Extinction Inevitable?

BY MEG LEE CHIN There comes a moment when something you only understood intellectually becomes something more tangible. This understanding surpasses the intellect. It becomes something you know in your soul. Prior to the siege of the US Capitol, The idea of human extinction was something I was aware of intellectually. But afterward, I knew in my bones it would one day be inevitable. Trump … Continue reading Is Human Extinction Inevitable?

Where does ‘Progress’ End?

BY DANIEL JUPP Are there any boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed in the name of a “progressive society”? The progressive offer is a seductive one in one sense: if you accept complete submission and subservience to the progressive ideology, if you accept that the State is all powerful and decides all things, if you normalise the idea that every human being is both flawed and … Continue reading Where does ‘Progress’ End?

Swimming Pool

Swimming Summers In Bangalore

BY DRISHTI RAKHRA Visiting Century Club for swimming is one of those special but bittersweet memories of my childhood. My 5-year-old-self hated every minute of it, as my small body was repeatedly flung into the pool after much struggle. It happened effortlessly at the hands of the coaches until I learned to make the water my friend. Then, I began to feel like I was … Continue reading Swimming Summers In Bangalore

Kabuliwala Calling

BY DRISHTI RAKHRA I told four people that I was going to watch ‘Kabuliwala Calling’. All their faces lit up with recognition, followed by the customary – “oh, I remember reading Kabuliwala. I loved it so much.” My mother, who hates every silent minute of reading, said, “Wait, let me show you adaptations of Kabuliwala,” and then began listing different shows for me to watch. … Continue reading Kabuliwala Calling

Two years and counting: Covid-19

BY ZAINAB AHMED Memoirs of the pandemic that turned the world into a scene from a dystopian movie After the World Health Organisation declared the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic in March 2020, a dystopian scene swept over the entire globe. Suddenly, New York’s Times Square, famous for its bustling crowd was completely empty; the Eiffel Tower had no lovelorn couples rushing to click their pictures and London’s iconic spaces … Continue reading Two years and counting: Covid-19