A Prayer For Mankind

Save me, my Lord, from the earthly passions and the attachments which blind mankind. Save me, my Lord, from the temptations of power, fame, and wealth, which keep man away from Thy Glorious Vision. Save me, my Lord, from the souls who are constantly occupied in hurting and harming their fellow-man, and who take pleasure in the pain of another. Save me, my Lord, from … Continue reading A Prayer For Mankind

A Prayer for The Queen of England

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine (UK & India), I trust that in the circumstances You are doing well. Of course, there is a sombre mood across the United Kingdom as the Second Elizabethan Age ends and We come to look at our own lives as before and after Queen Elizabeth II. Few events have been so collectively resonant. Going through grief is sometimes described as a journey. Like a journey, … Continue reading A Prayer for The Queen of England

Bandhakopir Dalna

Ingredients 1.  Bandhakopi or Cabbage (1 large chopped) 2.  Potatoes (3 potatoes medium pcs) 3.  Onions (2 cups sliced) 4.  Tomatoes (2 medium chopped) 5.  Garlic (5-6 cloves) 6.  Ginger (1/3 inch slice) 7.  Green Peas (1/2 cup) 8.  Whole Jeera (1 tspn) 9.  Jeerey or Cumin Powder (1 tspn) 10. Dhoney or Coriander Powder (1 tbl spn) 11. Fresh Green Chilli (3-5 pcs) 12. Bayleaf … Continue reading Bandhakopir Dalna

Uttam Kumar The Finest Icon of Bengali Filmdom

BY RUCHIRA GHOSH Had he lived the mahanayak (super star) of Tollywood would have turned 96 this September. His life is the proverbial rags-to-riches story. Yes, he is Uttam Kumar who set the silver screen of Bengali tinsel world ablaze for three decades. His name translates (in Bengali) into fine individual. A quick recap of the life and times of this erstwhile matinee idol. He … Continue reading Uttam Kumar The Finest Icon of Bengali Filmdom


BY CSMI STAFF WRITER Anjolie Ela Menon is a renowned Indian painter and muralist with a body of work that spans six decades and multiple genres and mediums. Menon is known for her luminous paintings on masonite, made with translucent layers of paint that are burnished to a soft glow. Her style is inspired by modern artists Amadeo Modigliani and Maqbool Fida Husain as well … Continue reading Menon