Welcome to Country Squire Magazine India, Dear Reader. We are the sister site of the groundbreaking and successful Country Squire Magazine in the United Kingdom.

Our Magazine launched in November 2021 amidst great fanfare. Readers across India and the United Kingdom raised a glass. Then traffic to the Magazine boomed, for which we are eternally grateful.

Where is the magazine for the Anglosphere? For relationship 2.0?

Country Squire Magazine India has a simple mission statement: to be an online publication which provides a platform for voices from the Anglosphere in India. To enjoy the present partnership and to look forward to the future for a modern Anglo-Indian relationship rather than looking back to the past that none of us alive today lived or experienced. To showcase the vibrant and young India which is globally confident. We sincerely hope to live up to that mission.

Country Squire Magazine India houses a collection of interesting writers from myriad walks of life. We have our fair share of professors, business people, journalists and freelancers. We believe in offering opportunities for budding young writers or anyone who wishes to make a sincere attempt at getting published. Please feel free to send in your contributions.

We do not wish to compete with the Sunday newspapers. Instead we have decided to keep Sundays as a day of rest. So we shall not be posting articles on Sundays. On Sundays, our Spirituality columnists will post something prayerful (no preaching) or a blessing will be published. We wish the column to reflect the ancient rich tradition of deep and engrossing Spirituality and the philosophy of India. We hope You will enjoy reading the column and drawing peace and happiness from it.

To quash any complaints about elitism or sexism in the Magazine’s title, Country Squire Magazine India is for all – we really mean that. We don’t celebrate any exclusivity here and warmly welcome and offer a space for diverse sections of society. There is certainly no sexism or elitism – and certainly no racism – to be found here. Our dream is to connect the modern, vibrant, ambitious, global India to the wider Anglosphere while celebrating the unfolding and incredible Indian story.

Country Squire Magazine India is an independently-run website. CSM has no ties to existing media groups and is a stand-alone enterprise. Its writers come from all across the globe and the site is hosted from outside of the UK and India.

If You have any questions about Country Squire Magazine India or would like to use the website for Advertising or PR purposes then by all means contact us using the contact form on the contact page. Thank You so much, Dear Readers, for Your interest.

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