Has Woke Won?

BY JAMES BEMBRIDGE Titling her book on the assumption that it has, Joanna Williams delivers a powerful critique against this cultural cancer which has now metastasised itself into every aspect of our lives. It may seem absurd to afford a tabloid buzzword like Woke with any degree of intellectual seriousness, but Williams’ arguments – peppered with persuasive evidence and delivered in a scholarly and detached … Continue reading Has Woke Won?

Power, Predicament & Possibilities

BY ZAINAB FARHEEN A peek into the gripping work of fiction – Rogues among the Ruins – written by Achala Moulik, IAS (Retd.) The laal-batti and power associated with the Indian Civil Services, the privileges of being a part of the Indian Administrative Services or the glamourous Indian Police services have been an obsession for most of the Indian Population – an obvious career option for a middle-class … Continue reading Power, Predicament & Possibilities

Always: Magic And Memories Of Potterverse 

BY ZAINAB AHMED The year 2022 started on a stellar note for a lot of people across the globe. What’s stellar in the midst of a global pandemic, you ask. Believe it or not, It is the magic of the global fandom of Harry Potter, that made everything better.  On January 1, 2022, an entire generation walked down the memory lane together as ‘Harry Potter 20th … Continue reading Always: Magic And Memories Of Potterverse 

A Story About Foreign Freedom Fighters

BY ZAINAB AHMED Since our country’s Independence, we have all heard innumerable stories about the brave Indian freedom fighters, who fought relentlessly against the foreign colonisers to secure our freedom. But what if I told you that among those freedom fighters were also remarkable foreigners from western countries who decided to take a stand for justice and become an integral part of the Indian Freedom … Continue reading A Story About Foreign Freedom Fighters

A Fine Library in Madras

CSM STAFF WRITER The BBC reported in 2016 that the 204-year-old Madras Literary Society in Chennai was getting a new lease of life, thanks to youthful volunteers and a social media campaign. The library is a national treasure. The sight takes your breath away. As you step in, you encounter bookshelf after bookshelf rising up from the floor to the ceiling. It is as though … Continue reading A Fine Library in Madras

Starry Nights

BY ANDREW MOODY “People can be fickle. Today they hate you. Tomorrow they’ll love you. The industry works on this rule. That’s why they call it a gambler’s profession. Who knows, if your first comeback role clicks, you’ll get another, better role. It all depends on the people- they only accept and they only reject.” Bollywood has a worldwide reputation for making films as fairy … Continue reading Starry Nights

India Loves Agatha

BY RUCHIRA GHOSH She may well have been an icon of colonialism, pertaining to a bygone era, but modern-day aficionados of English literature in my home country India simply cannot do without Agatha Christie. This prolific author whose novels were outsold only by The Bible and Shakespeare (an unbroken record yet) still enjoys global popularity (including erstwhile colonies of Great Britain) decades after she walked … Continue reading India Loves Agatha