Where does ‘Progress’ End?


Are there any boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed in the name of a “progressive society”?

The progressive offer is a seductive one in one sense: if you accept complete submission and subservience to the progressive ideology, if you accept that the State is all powerful and decides all things, if you normalise the idea that every human being is both flawed and owned and there is no point at which the rights of the individual truly are sacred, the progressive will a) throw other people’s money at you and b) condone, encourage and support you in everything you do even if it is selfish or destructive.

The progressive mantra automatically appeals to anyone who wants to do something that was traditionally considered selfish or perverse.

And since Progressivism’s only concern is your overall obedience in the things it cares about, it has no moral sense which places limits on any of the selfishness it encourages. As long as the selfishness expands the power of the State and the grip of the progressive ideology on society as a whole, it is recast as a moral good. There is no end point where some older, more rational or true morality then intervenes and says, ‘isn’t that taking it too far?’

This is why the freedom of gays to live their lives without oppression and mistreatment, which conservatives such as myself can accept as a good thing, does not end there. The progressive does not just want to own the gay vote. He or she or it must move on to the freedom of the grown man to walk into a female toilet, or the freedom of the drag queen in full regalia to deliver instruction to groups of small children, or the freedom, eventually, of the pervert of any sexual orientation to masturbate on the bus. Google ‘Labour and PIE’ – the freedom of the child abusing pervert to be considered a victim of their own evil desires, who must be accommodated and sympathised with.

These are all additional souls to be owned and supporting the most perverse and outrageous of them is really a wonderful way of showing the rest of us just how much power the progressive ideology has. No holes barred so to speak.

The moral triumph of the progressive is not in the improvement of the conditions of life for anyone, and certainly not for the majority. For them, moral triumph is the display of their own political strength, and the ability to force acceptance of anything on anyone. You are wrong! Ironically, the freedom to be selfish is one of the keys which unlocks this power for them.

In a progressive society, your ability to do things that aren’t good for you or others will increase in direct proportion to the way in which your ability to do things that are good for you and others, or that were simply once accepted as basic rights, decreases. You will be free to consume or sell hard drugs and watch some truly gross pornography, but you might be arrested for sitting on a park bench.

Daniel Jupp is the author of A Gift for Treason: The Cultural Marxist Assault on Western Civilisation, which was published in 2019. He has had previous articles published by Spiked, The Spectator and Politicalite, and is a married father of two from Essex.