Mango Festival


The luscious taste of freshly plucked mangoes, the breath-taking view of trees overloaded with mangoes accompanied by the soft, fresh fragrant breeze are all a perfect component on your summer weekend to-do list. This Sunday, 26th June 2022 enjoy mother nature at her best at a Mango orchard visit. Celebrating 10 years of the Mango festival which was conceptualised by me. I began this concept to help connect the city dweller with their roots and experience the joys of being in a mango orchard since 2013. From a single day event it has now evolved into the Lucknow farmers Market which provides an online platform to growers, artisans, farmers and start-ups working on sustainable living solutions, allowing them to connect directly with the consumers.

In an attempt to conserve and keep alive traditional varieties of mangoes, craft, culture and food around it and make the mango experience memorable, Lucknow Farmers Market (LFM) has connected with Mango growers, entrepreneurs and the complete value chain to boost the local economy and rural livelihoods.

Now connecting Mango and other fruit growers all over India so that people in cities can enjoy the freshly plucked fruit in the orchard itself or order online. The orchard visits guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience, the joy of walking along rows of fruit trees laden with ripe fruits emitting the aroma of freshly ripened seasonal fruits and actually enjoying freshly plucked fruits from the trees. Have you ever wondered how it feels to sit on sun-kissed earth under the shade of magnificent trees with large canopies, while you savour the delights of juicy mangoes?

Spending a few hours at an orchard for most of us is a new experience. It is refreshing, remarkable and something that definitely makes your lungs happier. Supporting biodiversity and local orchards is how we will eventually save the environment and the economy as well. It is an opportunity for enthusiastic people from all ages and spheres of life to come together and have conversations about a common interest, mangoes. The tour is not just about looking around, but it enables the visitors to buy directly from the farmers, discover local art, craft and culture too!

A regular visitor to the Mango Festival, particularly to the orchard, Adity Chakravarty says. ” A visit to the orchard is something that we can do to contribute to the sustainability of agriculture and the growth of orchards in the region. It helps boosting the local economy by developing the mango value chain by ensuring processors have strong linkages with mango producers. The mango growers and other people involved at the orchard get opportunities to present their hard work and make connections. It serves as a means of providing them livelihood opportunities.”

Enjoy this glorious experience of a fun filled morning at an Orchard with Celebrity chefs, storytelling, Mango Eating Competition, Orchard walks, Tractor rides, mango chutney and pickle competitions, archery, swimming, bullock cart ride, tug of war and many other fun activities. 

Presenting in collaboration with CISH Mango Show at CISH Rehmankhera on 28 June including Mango Exhibition, Mango Museum, Sale of Mango By Products, Farmers Market, Cultural Events, Mango Food Festival and more to showcase the wealth our fruit brings to us.

We are celebrating a decade of the mango festival by giving other Orchard owners across the country the benefit of our learnings from the festival. From North to South India we can enjoy Mangoes in Orchards where they grow most of the year round. We look forward to listing these orchards free on our platform where farmers can benefit from picnics, biodiversity visits from schools and colleges and novel corporate team building events where you can visit and enjoy biting onto fresh juicy mangoes.”

The month of June is celebrated as the Mango Month since it’s produce is maximum in this month. The season of mangoes brings onto our plates lots of vitamins, fibres and antioxidants. The juicy, delicious and mouth savouring fruit! It is that one fruit which is loved by children and adults alike. No one ever denies a mango. It is the sweetness of mangoes which fills the person with a youthful exuberance. This festival truly celebrates buyers and sellers of mango and will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Our aim behind organizing this festival is to promote eco and agricultural tourism and educate our youth who will promote sustainability in the future.