Mango Festival

BY JYOTSNA KAUR HABIBULLAH The luscious taste of freshly plucked mangoes, the breath-taking view of trees overloaded with mangoes accompanied by the soft, fresh fragrant breeze are all a perfect component on your summer weekend to-do list. This Sunday, 26th June 2022 enjoy mother nature at her best at a Mango orchard visit. Celebrating 10 years of the Mango festival which was conceptualised by me. … Continue reading Mango Festival

Food on table

The Cultural Flavours Of Food

BY DRISHTI RAKHRA There are many ways in which teaching is possible. The most traditional one — the age-old lecture model, is one we fall back on very easily. This happens for good reasons since the act of teaching is reliant most heavily on communication — how efficient we are, how well we can speak to our students. Everything is reliant on the teacher’s ability … Continue reading The Cultural Flavours Of Food