Rejoice This Sunday


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine India, I trust that You are well and looking forward to Christmas. Let’s hope Christmas this year is better than last and that Omicron rather than Christmas turns out to be a damp squib.

We are now into the third Sunday of Advent.

Today, we celebrate the third Sunday of Advent which is called Rejoice Sunday. Many people will ask the purpose of rejoicing in the middle of Advent. We rejoice because God wants to include each of us in his promise of unity in the world.

In this Sunday’s Gospel, the crowd asked John the Baptist, “Then what are we supposed to do?”

We are invited to turn away from the individual as well as social sin and focus our entire lives on God’s love for us and all of Creation. God so loved the world that he sent His son into the world to give us new hope, new joy, and the promise of God giving us a second chance.

The theme of the season of Advent is sometimes described as a period of waiting for the birth of Jesus. As we light the third candle on our Advent wreath, let us prepare for the Messiah through acts of repentance. Advent is a time of waiting, it is not a time to sit and wait while doing nothing. It is a busy time of preparation. Are we making room for Christ to be born in our lives? Our challenge is to not make this season a busy shopping time, but rather a time of joyful anticipation and making ready the way for God who comes to dwell among us and changes our lives with the gift of salvation.

The fact that Christ was born for us is our good news. Now, as we prepare a place for him amidst our worries and concerns, we realise that God is in control and not us. God has a way of interrupting our plans and our “pity parties” to let us know that He is with us. God is trying to get our attention and show us a new way of being present to Him, others, and ourselves. Never let your problems get you down.

God Bless You all and have a peaceful day and useful week ahead.

O Almighty God, gracious provider and giver of life, we anxiously await the celebration of your birth. Like the people of long ago, our ancestors in faith, we, too, are in need of light, in need of direction, in need of your Word, to show us the way. Our busy lives and the consumerism that surrounds us make it difficult to recognise your kingdom and to hear your voice. Help us Lord, to focus on you. Amen