Of A Royal Women’s Day Celebration

CSM STAFF WRITER The world is opening up slowly with the Covid-19 pandemic appearing to wither off. (Touchwood, I do not want to jinx this). With these relaxations, one of the first public events to open their gates for the public again was the International Women’s Day celebrations. The city listings were brimming with offers, welcoming the guests to step outside for the taste of … Continue reading Of A Royal Women’s Day Celebration

Two years and counting: Covid-19

BY ZAINAB AHMED Memoirs of the pandemic that turned the world into a scene from a dystopian movie After the World Health Organisation declared the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic in March 2020, a dystopian scene swept over the entire globe. Suddenly, New York’s Times Square, famous for its bustling crowd was completely empty; the Eiffel Tower had no lovelorn couples rushing to click their pictures and London’s iconic spaces … Continue reading Two years and counting: Covid-19

Power, Predicament & Possibilities

BY ZAINAB FARHEEN A peek into the gripping work of fiction – Rogues among the Ruins – written by Achala Moulik, IAS (Retd.) The laal-batti and power associated with the Indian Civil Services, the privileges of being a part of the Indian Administrative Services or the glamourous Indian Police services have been an obsession for most of the Indian Population – an obvious career option for a middle-class … Continue reading Power, Predicament & Possibilities

Always: Magic And Memories Of Potterverse 

BY ZAINAB AHMED The year 2022 started on a stellar note for a lot of people across the globe. What’s stellar in the midst of a global pandemic, you ask. Believe it or not, It is the magic of the global fandom of Harry Potter, that made everything better.  On January 1, 2022, an entire generation walked down the memory lane together as ‘Harry Potter 20th … Continue reading Always: Magic And Memories Of Potterverse 

A Story About Foreign Freedom Fighters

BY ZAINAB AHMED Since our country’s Independence, we have all heard innumerable stories about the brave Indian freedom fighters, who fought relentlessly against the foreign colonisers to secure our freedom. But what if I told you that among those freedom fighters were also remarkable foreigners from western countries who decided to take a stand for justice and become an integral part of the Indian Freedom … Continue reading A Story About Foreign Freedom Fighters