The Maimed Mansions Of Calcutta

BY VIBHA MITRA I was married into a “Bonedi” Bengali family with regal antecedents. Though we lived in South Calcutta, having come away from the North during the Naxalite movement, most of our relatives still lived there in aristocratic large grandiose homes- the opulence, music, laughter and gaiety of yesterday echoed as the occupants spoke of “those days” with great nostalgia and wistfulness. Unused to … Continue reading The Maimed Mansions Of Calcutta

The Nostalgia of New Market

BY VIBHA MITRA I cherish each of my expeditions to the ‘New Market’ (ergo Hogg Market) even today, and I would rather go there instead of shopping at the newer glitzier cousins- spiffy malls and arcades. I object to the superstore experience as they are not allowing consumers to choose, showcasing brands that probably are productive financially. New Market has shops jostling for space, overflowing … Continue reading The Nostalgia of New Market

The Literati Affair

BY VIBHA MITRA The Lit Fest has become an important winter activity in Kolkata. The schedules are perused. Shortlists are made according to author choices and venues. Packing a bag with food, water, books to read, and knitting it is a daily outing soaking in the sunshine and erudition. Dalrymple, Shashi Tharoor, Ruskin Bond, Devdutt Patnaik are festival regulars and must attend talks, but often … Continue reading The Literati Affair