Cultural Richesse

BY CSMI STAFF WRITER India remains a country that is famous throughout the globe for its beautifully rich culture and traditions. From its cuisine and heritage to its history and art, India’s culture is, without a doubt, exemplary. What makes the culture of India stand out has to be its diversity. Everyone may speak different languages, eat different food, and dress according to their religion or community … Continue reading Cultural Richesse

India by Luxury Train

BY CSMI STAFF WRITER The Maharajas Express is the most recent and unarguably the most luxurious tourist train in India with finesse at par with the Orient Express of the West. The Maharaja Express can be introduced as one of the most popular luxury trains running on Indian rails. Maharaja Express is an amalgamation of style, luxury, lavishness and grandeur. Since the keyword here was … Continue reading India by Luxury Train

Riding the Royal Enfield Bullet

BY RAV DEKA Every year, several hundred wheel-crazed travellers arrive in India with plans to explore the subcontinent on a motorcycle – riding over the frozen Himalayas or through the sweltering heat of the Rajasthan desert to the humid greenery of the south. Some sign up for an all-inclusive guided motorcycle safari, others just rent or purchase a machine and find their own directions. But … Continue reading Riding the Royal Enfield Bullet

The Seven Pagodas

BY RASHMI SINGH Mamallapuram, also called Mahabalipuram or Seven Pagodas, is an historic town, in northeast Tamil Nadu state, in south eastern India. It lies along the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal 37 miles (60 km) south of Chennai (Madras). The town’s religious centre was founded by a 7th-century-CE Hindu Pallava king—Narasimhavarman, also known as Mamalla—for whom the town was named. Ancient Chinese, … Continue reading The Seven Pagodas

Following the Hippie Trail

BY RASHMI SINGH The hippie trail is the name given to the overland journey taken by members of the hippie subculture and others from the mid-1950s to the late 1970s between Europe and South Asia, mainly from Turkey through Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, to Nepal; an alternative route ran from Turkey to the Levant. The hippie trail was a form of alternative tourism, and one … Continue reading Following the Hippie Trail