BY CSMI STAFF WRITER Reena Saini Kallat (b. 1973, Delhi, India) graduated from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai in 1996 with a B.F.A. in painting. Her practice – spanning painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation, often incorporates multiple mediums into a single work. She is interested in the role that memory plays, in not only what we choose to remember but how we think … Continue reading Kallat


BY CSMI STAFF WRITER Nikhil Chopra is an Indian contemporary artist based in Goa, India. Chopra’s art—a complex amalgam of durational performance, painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography—critically explores issues relating to identity, politics, history, and the body. Born in Kolkata to a Kashmiri family, after attaining a degree in commerce, Chopra began studying fine arts. After first completing a BFA at The Maharaja Sayajirao University … Continue reading Chopra

Jitish Kallat

BY CSMI STAFF WRITER Working in a diverse array of materials, Jitish Kallat makes installations, paintings, and sculptures that take inspiration from the people and paradoxes of his native city of Mumbai. His monumental sculptures, such as Eruda and Annexe (2006), mythologise India’s urban poor, whom he depicts as both disenfranchised and remarkably resilient. He cites a broad range of influences, from Pop art and Dada to Persian miniatures and billboards, coalescing in … Continue reading Jitish Kallat

Raqib Shaw

BY CSMI STAFF WRITER The Artist Raqib Shaw is known for opulent and intricately detailed paintings of fantastical worlds, often with surfaces inlaid with vibrantly coloured jewels and painted in enamel. His works reveal an eclectic fusion of influences—from Persian carpets and Northern Renaissance painting to industrial materials and Japanese lacquerware—and are often developed in series from literary, art historical, and mystical sources. Shaw has … Continue reading Raqib Shaw

Shilpa Gupta

BY CSMI STAFF WRITER Shilpa Gupta (b.1976) lives and works in Mumbai, India where she has studied sculpture at the Sir J. J. School of Fine Arts from 1992 to 1997. Shilpa Gupta’s work engages with the defining power of social and psychological borders on public life. Her work makes visible the aporias and incommensurabilities in the emerging national public sphere in India, which include gender … Continue reading Shilpa Gupta

Bharti Kher

BY CSMI STAFF WRITER Bharti Kher was born in London, England, in 1969. She studied at Middlesex Polytechnic from 1987 to 1988, and then attended the Foundation Course in Art and Design at Newcastle Polytechnic from 1998 to 1991, receiving a BA Honours in Fine Art, Painting. She moved to India in 1993, where she lives and works today. The stick-on, ready-made bindi – a traditional Indian … Continue reading Bharti Kher