James Cox Indian Statue Facebook Scammer


India is rife with scammers. Unfortunately the country is getting a reputation across the US and Europe in particular for housing boiler room scams, rip-off merchants and now Facebook Marketplace frauds. This used to be the territory of Nigeria. It is way beyond time that the police forces of India cracked down on these scams which give real business heralding from India a really bad name.

Meet James Cox. Yes, another scammer.

James – not their real name – operates globally across Facebook Marketplace fronts purporting to sell Indian statues.

James collects the funds for the statues off unsuspecting customers and then fails to send the goods. There are no goods. James – not their real name – is a tawdry con merchant.

This is a sample of the goods James offers:

And here’s the crook’s profile page:

Unluckily for “James” he scammed a police officer in Texas who has set out an alert with “James” details and they know where he lives.

Scamming the public – of whatever country – is not clever and it’s never justified. Do the crime, do the time.

Enjoy jail, James. Maybe you’ll meet the payback there that you deserve.