Pop it like the 80s: Nostalgia

BY KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYA Reminiscence of an innocent adolescent’s love for the Hindi Pop songs In one of my previous textual reminiscences about Hindi Disco music, while writing and reflecting upon the 80s music, my mind drifted into the world of music of the 80s bringing back fond memories of those ‘innocently delinquent’ years. This time I wish to dwell upon the trend which defined 80s … Continue reading Pop it like the 80s: Nostalgia

Interview with Aashnee Gajaria

Country Squire India’s (CSI) Kaustav Bhattacharya and Ishrath Mubeen interview Aashnee Gajaria, a young entrepreneur, about her start-up Meditourz. A student of Cass Business School London, Aashnee and her mother started Meditourz to connect patients with the best medical and wellness expertise for ideal and affordable treatment in India. Kris Bhattacharyya: Good Evening CSM India readers, please welcome to this edition of the Interview with Aashnee … Continue reading Interview with Aashnee Gajaria

Interview With Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah

Country Squire India’s (CSI) Kaustav Bhattacharya interviews Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, about her start-up Lucknow Farmers Market. CEO at Lucknow Farmers Market, Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah created India’s first Sustainable Platform & Community, connecting the largest number of conscious consumers with Farmers, start-ups & Artisans. She is also the founder of FICCI FLO UP, the most widespread Ecosystem for start-ups, rural, and … Continue reading Interview With Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah

Celebrating the Disco Generation

BY KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA The year was around 1982-83, this was pre-liberalization, pre-globalization India where imported tech gadgets were not readily available and I was excited since a movie would be screened in a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) at a festive gathering. We looked with awe at the magic of popping in a thick cassette and images appear on the television screen.  Those days watching a … Continue reading Celebrating the Disco Generation

Farewell Madame

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA FAREWELL MADAME MARIA AURORA COUTO: PERSONAL TRIBUTE FROM A YOUNG ADMIRER … An article arrived in my smartphone newsfeed on Ms. Maria Aurora Couto and there was an instant excitement at the prospect of sharing it with her on WhatsApp, which I had done in the past until I read those devastating words ‘passed away’.  At which point the excitement turned … Continue reading Farewell Madame

Christmas – The Kolkata Way

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA The onset of the second week of December makes one reflect and ponder about Christmas festivities. Having spent a few Christmases in cooler climes of Western Europe one feels nostalgic about the ‘snowy’ Christmas termed as the ‘white’ Christmas though more often it was the chilly cold one. The entire ambiance gets imbued with a festive spirit with the streets lit … Continue reading Christmas – The Kolkata Way

How Anglo-Indian Education has Shaped English Learning

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA For my generation who grew up in ‘Calcutta’ as opposed to Kolkata, there is a certain sense of pride and belonging to the world of English ‘lettres’ (using the word in the French sense where it includes all written words in different forms like verse, prose and essays, i.e. the literary world of English language). We read and devoured English poets … Continue reading How Anglo-Indian Education has Shaped English Learning


BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA The tragic news of demise of Mr. Neil O’Brien was received with disbelief when I first read on the social media feed and then a pall gloom of grief and nostalgia descended. Media went to town with his obituary describing him as icon of Indian quizzing and tributes started pouring in, but for my generation of Kolkata schoolgoers Mr. Neil O’Brien … Continue reading Neil