Ritz Carlton Bangalore Hosts Tagore Event

The city of Bengaluru witnesses a very special Cultural Evening event on the 27th May whose theme was something very dear to most of our hearts, about the Poet Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and exploring his oeuvre through his Poetry, Philosophy and his role as an Universal Humanist and was titled ‘A Discussion on Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore: The Poet, Philosopher and Humanist’. The stage … Continue reading Ritz Carlton Bangalore Hosts Tagore Event

Poetry – As a Quest for Inner Meaning

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA Recently I hosted a poetry event titled ‘Poetry as a quest for inner meaning’ and had to make a brief speech elucidating the basic understanding and principles of Poetry in the context of the title.  While preparing my notes, since the title had philosophical undertones I turned towards my favourite Indian philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and his brilliant treatise on Rabindranath … Continue reading Poetry – As a Quest for Inner Meaning

STEM Dance Kampni

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA Nestled amidst the verdant landscape of the traditional quarters of Malleshwaram of Bengaluru is the STEM Dance Kampni, which beckons the first-time visitor with an old world charm of an open courtyard, small benches, tiled roof shed and a sturdy iron-clad staircase. As one walks up the flight of stairs one arrives at a landing with two rooms, wooden-frame windows and … Continue reading STEM Dance Kampni

Sacral Notes

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA GURU OF INDIAN ‘GREEN REVOLUTION’ IN THE SHRINE OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Professor MS Swaminathan is synonymous with ‘Green Revolution’ in turn solving the food production problem thus making India self-reliant in feeding its population. Recently Professor Swaminathan’s archives were released in a ceremonial function at the NCBS, National Center for Biological Sciences as part of its Science Archives.  NCBS was one … Continue reading Sacral Notes

The Koshy’s Parade – The Mystic Café

BY DR KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA ‘There’s a natural mystic blowing through the airCant keep them downIf you listen carefully now you will hear.’Bob Marley, The Natural Mystic At a recent Indo-Anglian poetry event I reminisced about the dreamy-eyed, youthful, indulgent days sauntered away at a Bangalore lanmark café, The Parade Café or the Koshy’s. My serious dabbling with Indo-Anglian poetry of the Dom Moraes, Nissim Ezekiel … Continue reading The Koshy’s Parade – The Mystic Café

Soumitra Chatterjee – Towering Thespian with a Poignant Appeal

BY KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA Recently I had the good fortune of serendipitously coming across a book chronicling the life, work, passions and oeuvre of the eminent film actor and cultural personality of the thespian Soumitra Chatterjee in a vintage bookstore titled ‘Soumitra Chatterjee: A life in Cinema, Theatre, Poetry & Painting’ authored by the duo, Arjun Sengupta and Partha Mukherjee.  My mind drifted in a momentary … Continue reading Soumitra Chatterjee – Towering Thespian with a Poignant Appeal

Pop it like the 80s: Nostalgia

BY KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYA Reminiscence of an innocent adolescent’s love for the Hindi Pop songs In one of my previous textual reminiscences about Hindi Disco music, while writing and reflecting upon the 80s music, my mind drifted into the world of music of the 80s bringing back fond memories of those ‘innocently delinquent’ years. This time I wish to dwell upon the trend which defined 80s … Continue reading Pop it like the 80s: Nostalgia

Interview with Aashnee Gajaria

Country Squire India’s (CSI) Kaustav Bhattacharya and Ishrath Mubeen interview Aashnee Gajaria, a young entrepreneur, about her start-up Meditourz. A student of Cass Business School London, Aashnee and her mother started Meditourz to connect patients with the best medical and wellness expertise for ideal and affordable treatment in India. Kris Bhattacharyya: Good Evening CSM India readers, please welcome to this edition of the Interview with Aashnee … Continue reading Interview with Aashnee Gajaria

Interview With Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah

Country Squire India’s (CSI) Kaustav Bhattacharya interviews Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, about her start-up Lucknow Farmers Market. CEO at Lucknow Farmers Market, Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah created India’s first Sustainable Platform & Community, connecting the largest number of conscious consumers with Farmers, start-ups & Artisans. She is also the founder of FICCI FLO UP, the most widespread Ecosystem for start-ups, rural, and … Continue reading Interview With Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah

Celebrating the Disco Generation

BY KAUSTAV BHATTACHARYYA The year was around 1982-83, this was pre-liberalization, pre-globalization India where imported tech gadgets were not readily available and I was excited since a movie would be screened in a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) at a festive gathering. We looked with awe at the magic of popping in a thick cassette and images appear on the television screen.  Those days watching a … Continue reading Celebrating the Disco Generation