Food on table

The Cultural Flavours Of Food

BY DRISHTI RAKHRA There are many ways in which teaching is possible. The most traditional one — the age-old lecture model, is one we fall back on very easily. This happens for good reasons since the act of teaching is reliant most heavily on communication — how efficient we are, how well we can speak to our students. Everything is reliant on the teacher’s ability … Continue reading The Cultural Flavours Of Food

The Maimed Mansions Of Calcutta

BY VIBHA MITRA I was married into a “Bonedi” Bengali family with regal antecedents. Though we lived in South Calcutta, having come away from the North during the Naxalite movement, most of our relatives still lived there in aristocratic large grandiose homes- the opulence, music, laughter and gaiety of yesterday echoed as the occupants spoke of “those days” with great nostalgia and wistfulness. Unused to … Continue reading The Maimed Mansions Of Calcutta